Fee Structure

Fee Structure for FYUGP for Humanities and Social Science, Commerce and Management, Mathematics, Statictics and Computer Application & Natural and Physical Sciences w.e.f 2023-27
Sl NO.Head of FeeSEM-I General/Obc StudentSEM-I Sc/St/Handicapped StudentSem-2Sem-3Sem-4Sem-5Sem-6
1Admission Fee500500120120120120120
2Tution Fee1200600780780780780780
3College Development & Welfare200200200200200200200
4Miscellanies Fee35035000000
5Library Fee10010000000
6Sports/Arts and Culture 30030000000
7N.S.S Fee202000000
8Student’s Union Fee202000000
9Major Paper  Fee20020000000
10Prospectus Fee0000000
11Registration Fee 25025000000
12Migration Fee20020000000
13Internal Examination  Fee00250250250250250
 G. Total3340274013501350135013501350